Letting Go

I feel like my life is an episode of the twilight zone.

Fall in love + utter devotion is equal to being treated like garbage, cheated on, and kicked to the curb with our baby and nothing to our names.

Being there for family + being shit out of luck is equal to “why should I be there for you when you need me?”

Being a great friend, who just happens to be going through some of the most shiest events ever equals: I can’t talk to you right now, I’m better than you, sorry.

Fuck it! I’m used to fucked up events taking place. Ever since I was a little kid. I read a memo online that stated: maybe you’re depressed because you have shitty people all around you.

When I’m left alone, I’m happy. I’m drama free and I’m on a mission. I’m full of possibilities and I’m not at all depressed.

I just decided that I deserve better. I don’t have to prove shit to no one but my little girl, my boyfriend, and God.

I’m going back to the life of peace and happiness. I was their before.. I didn’t have drama, people meddling in my life, and I didn’t need friends who didn’t need me. I went to work to work, saved for the future, and attempted to make my life better everyday.

I can finally sleep. I’m relaxed and I no longer live with someone who wants to see me suffer.



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